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    Train from Barcelona to Valencia

    In the last decades, the plane has become the preferred mean of transportation in pleasure trips for almost everybody. We can’t deny that it gets more and more comfortable and safe, since not only the routes improve and increase in options between cities in different countries, but also between cities in the same countries. When we start planning a weekend escapade or a short trip, we don’t even stop to consider options other than the plane anymore: that’s how much we assume it’s the best possible way of travelling!


    However, that’s not true in all cases. Of course, the plane is the best for long distance, as it’s the most direct, fastest and most times also cheapest option. But there is an option that you shouldn’t be overlooking: the train! In our experience, it’s the best way of travelling in Europe. It’s a fast and direct option to travel short and even some reasonably long distances, and, besides, the travelling experience is usually super nice and comfortable. You don’t need to do that much planning ahead to go to the airport with enough time, the security controls are much less annoying and you have more space and more comfortable seats, which clearly tops the plane. And you don’t have to concentrate on the road and can spend all your time chatting, reading, or looking out the window, which clearly tops the car!


    Now that you’ve been reminded the wonders of travelling by train, let us walk you through the experience of booking a train from Barcelona to Valencia with Rail Ninja. Train may just be about to become your favourite way of travelling… and Rail Ninja your favourite booking platform!

    Train from Barcelona to Valencia

    The advantages of taking the train from Barcelona to Valencia with Rail Ninja

    Rail Ninja is the best platform for you to book a train from Barcelona to Valencia, as we understand your travelling needs and thus we make it easy for you. We are passionate about travelling and we find only the best and most convenient train routes for you to make the most out of your trip.


    The train is the best way to travel in Europe if you find the right routes and connections, and we are experts in European train routes! However, booking a train can be a bit tricky, especially if you want to do so in a foreign country. Let’s consider the train from Barcelona to Valencia, for instance. Spain has an ambitious and well-connected train network, but there are many aspects that can be confusing when booking your ticket. There are different kinds of trains in the Spanish fleet, and one same route is covered by a whole array of them. You can try to book directly in the Renfe website, but all the information about the schedules, types of trains, travelling time and prices can be a bit confusing. The train from Barcelona to Valencia can take three hours, but it can also take five or six, depending on the type of train you take. But since we filter all the available options only to show you the best ones, you will be able to skip the confusing part!


    Train from Barcelona to Valencia

    With Rail Ninja, everything flows much, much better. We find only the best trains and the best routes from Barcelona to Valencia, so you don’t have to transfer to another train unless it is strictly necessary, and we provide clear, straight-forward information. You can make your reservation from any kind of device, and we will always tell you the final price in advance. Besides, if you have any trouble booking your train from Barcelona to Valencia, we offer a customer service from a real human team that will be able to find a custom solution to whatever issue you’re having.


    If you try to book your train from Barcelona to Valencia directly in the train service website, you’ll have to face confusing train descriptions, varying pricing models and connections the information of which gets lost among all the numbers and variables shown when booking. Besides, the payment methods are limited. But booking a train from Barcelona to Valencia with Rail Ninja has only advantages. We pick the AVE trains, which are direct and high-speed (192 miles per hour!) and will take you from the very centre of Barcelona to the centre of Valencia. That’s right! You depart from Sants Station in Barcelona, which is the most important train station in the city, and arrive to Valencia’s Joaquin Sorolla Station in just three hours. And the best part of all: our prices range from only 53 euros, which, as you will know if you’ve checked AVE trains, is a pretty sweet deal. The earliest departure is at 8.00 in the morning, and the latest is at 8.30 in the evening – you can choose 10 different departure times in that schedule. Undoubtedly the best way of travelling from these two beautiful Mediterranean cities!

    Other Rail Ninja routes

    Of course, the train from Barcelona to Valencia isn’t the only trip you can book with Rail Ninja. Our award-winning service offers more than a hundred different routes between different European cities, and we count with a 98,9% of customer satisfaction!